It all comes down to who’s really down for you when you need them most. Who would go over and beyond for you no matter what you are faced with. Who would still call you their friend at your lowest and who’d never turn their back against you. Friends who would sit down with you and address your wrong doings and above all who would inspire you to be your best self.

As we grow older we come across many characters of “friends”. From friends who only vibe with you when the sun is shining bright on your side, but soon as things go wrong they are no where to be found,to friends who smile with you and share bits and pieces about themselves, but the minute you walk away, they have you, they talk so much trash about you that you even question what really went wrong, am I that bad of a friend? Friends who only want you when they have problems and want support, friends who just switch up out of no where ’cause they are living their best life’s, friends who switch up because of their newly found fame and fortune, friends who only use you when their real friends ,’their people’ aren’t around, but soon as they come up they’d have you for LUNCH!

“Don’t just have friends for the sake of having friends”

The true blessing that comes with friendship is having someone to confide in, no matter what time of the day it is. Even if you’d call them up at 2 a.m they would still pick up the phone and listen to you. The friend who no matter the distance or the craziness of the world would still update you and check in with you, a friend who’d also make an effort to always stay in touch no matter what. A friend that will inspire you, a friend that pushes you to be your best self and to work hard, a friend that reminds you of how loved you are and how truly amazing you really are. A friend who keeps your secrets and stories to themselves.

You will come to realize that the true value of friendship doesn’t come from the large number of friends you have, but what truly matters is who will stick with you through and through. It is indeed quality verses quantity when it comes down to friendships. The quality of your friendships speaks volumes.

How often do you come across such friendship? True friendship that is. It rarely happens, but once you do, know and understand that you are truly BLESSED ❤

Just a young lady with big dreams. Love all things ART - writing, photography, painting, conversations and wine

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