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Uni survival tips 101

With the academic year upon us, what better way than to prepare ourselves for it!

Here’s a list of survival tips for university

1. Never mix your drinks

2. Make a medicine drawer in your room and stash painkillers, plasters, throat sweets, cough syrup it’ll come in handy

3. Store up all the sauces you get when buying take outs, these are helpful when you run out of cooking sauces

4. Study in advance

5. Prepare for your lectures and make sure you never fall behind on your work

6. Always buy second hand books, it saves you up a lot and no matter the condition of the textbook, the information is still the same

7. Buy food in bulk,this saves you a fortune and you don’t always have to go to the stores for short trips

8. Know your limits

9. Invest in wigs. This saves you time and a whole lot of money.

10. Always take regular breaks from revising

11. Get loads of old, fun photos printed off and cover your bedroom walls in them. These are great for an instant pick me up.

12. Also fold your clothes neatly after washing them. This saves you time on ironing

13. A straightner also works as a iron, it’s faster

14. The most important of them all is to always carry a condom

15. Eat a lot of fruits and veggies

16. Line your stomach with a heavy meal before going out

17. Don’t live with with your partner – you’ll miss out on the uni experience and regret it!

18. When cooking always cook enough food to last you at least two days

19. Learn to make extra cash

20. Drink a lot of water before bed, and you’ll have a better chance of making your 8 o’clock lecture

21. Get as much work experience while you are still in university. You’ll be grateful for it. It helps build up your CV

22. Sign up for emails from as many discount websites as possible –

23. Learn to live on a budget

24. Know when to call it a night

25. Be organised with your work and make sure you begin revising early

26. Live with someone who can cook to avoid spending a lot of money on take outs

27. Stock up on coffee for all nighters

28. Be careful who you choose to live with

29. Always ask for help when you don’t understand

30. Make your own lunch its cost effective

31. Choose your friends wisely

32. Time management is essential

33. Attend 80% of your tutorials

34. Play hard and study even harder

35. Never loose focus. Remember why you are at uni and what it is you want to achieve. Never forget your WHY

36. Have a drawing board for your goals. To always refer to when you are becoming unfocused

37. For your concentration span, try counting your footsteps when walking

38. Be self determined

39. Never loose your grip

40. Learn to save

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