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This post has been the most exciting for me because I love natural hair, if I had the patience to grow my hair I too would be rocking my natural hair, be it locks or an afro. Believe me I’ve had all these hairstyles at a very young age, but for the shortest time maybe a few weeks if not months, but never a year. I had my doubts and that lead me to always resorting to hair short.

The most fascinating thing about natural hair is the fact that your hair is always growing, it grows in tiny spring like shape which leads to its dense look and texture. Over the years natural hair has been a big deal, still is. Natural hair is so versatile and the styling options are endless. It is also diverse and unique.

I’ve conducted an interview with an amazing young woman Miss Nkukuroane Boledi Masemola, she has had her natural hair for 6 years now. She says ” I don’t actually have a goal hey. I’m just loving what my hair becomes!”.


She shares her journey with us.

1.What made you decide on the style of hair?

I always used to relax my hair and I got easily burnt by the relaxer! I got tired because after a week I had to remove pieces of the burnt crumbs off my scalp. I first transitioned to an afro and then to dreadlocks.

2. What products do you use for your hair?

I use different products depending on the condition my hair is in. When my hair is not twisted I create my own homemade shampoo with : bentonite clay, tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar and activated charcoal. When my hair is twisted or plaited I use Jamaican products not forgetting coconut oil.

3. What’s your hair routine?

Its so simple, I wash my hair once in two weeks and moisturize everyday to prevent my scalp from drying out.

4.What inspired you to go the natural route?

Easy I wanted some volume in my hair. A lot of people told me dreadlocks take forever to lock and grow so I was really up for the challenge. I even made a bet with some of my family members.

5. How do you get your hair to grow faster?

I think tea tree oil and coconut oil played a huge role in the growth of my hair! Those are my magic products.

6. Has anyone ever criticized your hair because of the way it looks?

Yes, I get comments like dreadlocks are disgusting especially if I don’t have them twisted.

7.How do you deal with the criticism ?

At first it used to get me rose so many emotions in my system, but I understand that we all prefer different hairstyles.

8.What is your hair goal?

I don’t actually have a goal hey! I’m just loving what my hair becomes everyday.


9. Best way to describe your hair is..

Rich, thick and long

10. What’s the one hair advice you live off?

Always moisturize and let your hair breathe!

In recent times more and more women are flaunting and embracing their natural hair. The benefits of natural hair are endless; softer, healthier hair.

Embrace it- Love it- Flaunt it ❤

Just a young lady with big dreams. Love all things ART - writing, photography, painting, conversations and wine


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