Portia M : I used the products and I loved them. Product review

After three months of using these amazing Portia Mproducts,I feel like it’s a wonderful time to reflect on them. When I started using the Portia M toner and face wash I had extremely dry skin, my face was uneven and had ring worms all over.

Using the products I had a slight idea of their benefits, I had read some reviews from previous users and done thorough research on the products. My skin gets really dry when season changes. When I started using these products, I was really tired of changing my skin routine every few months because of how badly my skin reacted to the products after a while.

I remember mentioning to a close friend how I don’t know what to use anymore because my skin has finally given in , and she recommended Portia M products.At this very moment my heart was made up.

That’s when my life changed!

Benefits of marula extract:

  • Protecting Against Environmental Damage
  • Preventing Stretch Marks and Reducing The Appearance Of Scars
  • Heal & Prevent Skin Disorders Like Eczema
  • Flawlessly Smooth, Soft Skin Great For All Skin Types
  • Fighting acne
  • Anti-aging

Retail prices:

For this price I feel like it’s money well spent. The face wash retails for R54,99 and the toner for R36,99.


Portia M products are really scarce. You have to visit a lot of stores before finding them. Once you find a store that sells the products you have to really stock up because products are easily sold out.

Portia M is highly in demand!

The toner:

Really doesn’t work for me. It is light, very light and gives zero to none change on the face. Unlike any other toner I expect to see some oil/ dirt on my cotton wool after every use, but with this one I have been getting none. No results.

Out of 10 I’ll honestly rate it 4/10

I’m not really impressed by the formula.

Face wash:

My absolutely favourite! Smooth on the face, very effective. Not too harsh, just perfect. The results are amazing.

I can’t live without this face wash, every time I decide to change face washes my skin tends to break out. This face wash is my saving grace, I can’t cheat on it.

I rate it 9/10. I love it!

Face cream:

I love it! It has been working for my skin, I had a few blemishes here and there and now they are fading. For my oily skin it is very good as it keeps the face a bit matte, but super hydrated.

I rate it 10/10

The consistency of Portia M is top notch!

Portia M is a leading cosmetic brand specializing in organic skin care solutions – that’s why I love the products. Let’s not forget the fact that it is locally manufactured 😍

I love the products! I get compliments on how my face is glowing on a daily basis. My skin is more radiant and moisturized. I’m in love with the way my face looks and feels. My favourite part about the products is that they are made from a natural product – the secret is in the formula.

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