7 Day self-care challenge: Day 1

I have always had the idea of starting a self-care challenge. This way self-care easily becomes a norm.

This post was inspired by a quote I recently came across “You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.” The depth of this quote made me realize how important self-care is, a little self-introspection, self-discovery and self-love can do so much for you and your personal growth.

2019 is the year for personal development. The year of SELF, the year of LOVE, internal love.

I recently got myself a happiness diary, this diary is for helping me track down all the things that keep me sane, all the things I’m grateful for and most importantly the ones that put a smile on my face. I saw the need for this self-care challenge because recently I have been feeling like I’m losing control of myself. So much has happened in the past few months and it was a very confusing time for me. I took some time out to reflect, still in the process.

The happiness diary is a mindful journal that focuses on the positive parts of everyday life. It helps to reflect and relax. Not forgetting that it teaches gratitude.

GRATITUDE helps reduce toxic emotions, frustration, and regret.

Keeping a happiness diary will definitely change your life. It increases your positivity, improves sell esteem, reduces stress, helps you sleep better and makes you happier and lighter. The more reason to invest in one. ❤️

Just a young lady with big dreams. Love all things ART - writing, photography, painting, conversations and wine


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