Update: my quarterly goals 1/4

Happy new month lovies!

If you remember well, my first blog post this year was about how I want to change the mindset on annual goals and instead focus on quarterly goals. This way I can easily direct my energy to those that are important. Having quarterly goals allows me to narrow my focus into getting something done.

In my Day 1 of 365 post, I noted down four of my quarterly goals: My natural hair journey, job hunting, toning my body and personal branding. I have seen a bit of progress in each goal mentioned above and I’m very happy with the results.

Personal Branding

Working on the branding for my blog was very exciting, I managed to get t-shirt designs representing the blog name AFRICANSOULGODDESS, each design is unique. I printed the t-shirts to get more traffic to the blog. How does this work? This one time I wore one of the t-shirts to the mall for an outing with my closets friend, I kept getting stares and questions about what it means, what is it. That way I promoted the blog effortlessly.

Toning my body

I have lost a bit of weight from a size 34 to a size 32. Its good progress. I was on a purity (baby foods), fruits, vegetables and water diet for a period of two weeks. For the two week period, I had completely cut out starch from my diet, no sugar or added fats. Okay, this diet helped me to reduce my appetite. Yes, I still eat 3-4 times a day, but this time around I eat fewer servings. I eat 2 slices of bread, have fruits between meals and drink lots of water before and after meals. Still trying to tone my body, I skip at least 3 times a week, do 10 – 15 sit-ups and a 60-second plank daily.

 Job hunting

I recently got myself a part-time job because of my blog. (It really does make me stand out ) Can I just say that my blog is being recognized by the right people, many thanks. 🌻

I have been to a few interviews and written assessment tests for different jobs, still hopeful that one of the good days I will get a positive response.

Natural hair journey

Growing natural hair requires a lot of patience there’s just too much to learn, as your hair prosperity changes, what routine to follow, what products to use for your hair, how often you should wash your hair and so forth. I follow a very simple hair routine and I have to add on by saying my hair is very healthy and the growth is amazing. I wash my hair twice a week, substitute my shampoo with bamboo soap Product Review: Longrich Bamboo Charcoal Soap. Use rice water on my hair once a week, I use it as a conditioner I keep it in my hair for about 2/3 hours, locked in my shower cap before I wash it off. I’m a bit old school when it comes to products so I have a bit of weed in my hair food, weed helps hair to grow. I use castor oil as well to protect my hairline. I also invested in hair oil that has jojoba oil. I’m a bit of a product junkie, but luckily I don’t use everything all at once. I keep my natural hair styled in a TWA during the day and keep it covered in a silk bonnet before bed.

Here are my new quarterly goals:

Getting my flat stomach (lol I seriously need to get rid of my airbag)

Getting my first tattoo (I have been postponing this for the longest time)

Have my first blog giveaway

Try new things, things to help grow the blog ( IGTV, interviews, guest posting)

I would like to hear about your quarterly goals. Have they been helpful? Have you been focusing on them? Are you seeing any progress?

Just a young lady with big dreams. Love all things ART - writing, photography, painting, conversations and wine


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