5 Secrets For Glowing Skin This Winter

It is extremely important to give your skin extra attention, especially in winter as the cold weather doesn’t get friendly with your skin. Take extra care of your skin this winter.

Here are some tips on how to care for your skin this winter:

Keep hydrated

I know this is a no brainer. Drink enough water, don’t let the cold weather discourage you from drinking your water. Warm up the water if you have to.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

In the cold weather, I’m sure you have noticed how easily our skin dries up, it is important to always lotion up. If your skin dries up as quickly as mine does, you will always keep your moisturizer nearby at all times. I lotion my face at least twice a day in winter.

Switch out your products

Some products are not winter friendly. They dry up too quick or are either not oily enough to phase the winter weather. Use oil infused products 24/7 if you will Vaseline works perfectly fine too.

Wear SPF lotion

This is N.B as much as the sun is not always out it is still important to wear your sunscreen or lotions with SPF. Always keep in mind that the sun in winter is far more powerful than that of Summer.

Exfoliate less

Exfoliating in winter does more harm than good for your skin. When you exfoliate you are stripping your face from all the natural oils your face has. And in winter the natural oils are far less than any other season considering the harsh weather. The less you exfoliate the better. It helps to exfoliate every two weeks in order to keep your natural oils intact.

Here’s a little D.I.Y face mask you can do to retain moisture and some glow:


1 tablespoon of Honey

1 tablespoon of Coffee Powder


Prepare for 3 minutes

Mix both the ingredients together to form a paste

Wash your face with warm water to open up pores and pat dry

Apply the mix to your face and massage in a circular motion

Apply evenly across your face

Leave it on for 20 minutes

Wash your face with lukewarm water


• Exfoliates

• Nourishes

• Moisturises

This face mask can be prepared either in the morning or even at night. It can also be used 2-3 times a week.

Be sure to check out my IGTV video on how I make the face mask

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