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Faith it till you make it

How many times have you been told to fake it until you make it? A lot right? I bet you are tired just as I am of hearing that phrase. Basically what it means to suck it all up and pretend everything is going perfectly fine with you, even when it’s not.

”You shouldn’t be looking like your problems ” ” Let’s do it for the lifestyle ” ”We are living ”

This is really exhausting. That is really a life I shy away from because it’s too much admin, too much of people-pleasing, it’s just too much!

I’m going to share with you something that has been so fulfilling for me, it really has helped me in difficult times, it has helped me through situations I never saw myself get past.

We all have our problems. There comes a point in life where you are phased with a lot and all you have is your FAITH.

Yes that’s right your FAITH!

I have mastered writing down all my prayer requests in my journal and saying them over and over again before I pray. I pray over them, pray for them. This has really helped me with offloading a lot of things that worry me.

It’s true what they say the pen is the tongue of the mind.

When you are feeling sad and out. Pray. When you are going through the most, pray. When you don’t have a direction in life, pray. When things are not going your way, kneel down and pray.

Pray, instead of stressing. The Lord himself will get you through the toughest days of your life.

Stop looking for approval from people when GOD has already validated you.

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