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Update: Quarterly Goals 3/4

Happy New Month. With less than 100 days left till 2020, I hope you are being kind to yourselves and working extra hard – pushing yourself beyond your limits. May the remainder of the year be filled with laughter, joy and peace – peace in your hearts, peace of mind, more especially peace in your life.

This post is a day late or should I say a few hours, as per usual I post an update on the first day of each quarter, this time around life happened (lol)

My previous quarterly goals:

Working on my faith

This hasn’t been easy. I have started reading the Bible on a daily basis – a chapter a day. Currently reading the book of Job after reading each chapter I try to reflect on it. I make it my daily habit to start each day with prayer and also to end each day on prayer. There is no set prayer I pray, I just say to God what is in my heart.

Being a better friend

I try to check up on my friends every two weeks or so. I do this by sending texts, WhatsApp and even calling. I have recently been letting my guard down and just openly sharing with them about my life. There’s a lot of progress!

Spending money responsibly

Being a girl is expensive. I have spent a lot of money on skincare and hair products over the past few months. Hair lotions, curling butter, face masks, 2 in 1 setting spray and primer, lip balms – you name it, I probably bought it too. I call this good spending habits because I use all the products almost every day. Also, it is a good investment because these products will last me for 6 months if not more. <

Saving 1/3 of every income I receive

I have successfully managed to save at least 30% of my total income this past few months. Saving is really something I pride myself with. A great savings plan leads to a financially secure future and that’s exactly what I want! To be financially secure.

New goals :

Learn more about makeup and beauty

Do the LOC method on my natural hair twice a day (consistency)

Practice gratitude – write down each day something I am grateful for

Go on solo dates

How far are you with your quarterly goals? Do you see any progress?

Just a young lady with big dreams. Love all things ART - writing, photography, painting, conversations and wine


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