Day 7 of 21 South Africa lock-down: Global Pandemic

With the global pandemic going on, South Africa announced a 21 day lock-down on Monday, 23rd March 2020 ,effective from Thursday midnight, 26th March 2020.

COVID-19 is a real thing. I was very panicked by the announcement of the global pandemic. Some South African citizens who were based in China were quarantined at a local hotel around Polokwane, Limpopo, I live in Polokwane, you can understand my frustrations at the time. This was before it was announced that the people set to be quarantined tested negative for COVID-19. I remember I made a huge fuss about this, as this was too close to home. It gave me a lot of unrest.

Global pandemic #STAYHOME

I am still a little bit panicked. Social distancing is one way to help stop spreading the virus. I have been practicing social distancing for a while now, it has been almost two weeks being indoors, only went out once. In this period some of the shops at our local shopping complex had already put in place measures to combat the virus. One of the stores put queue barrels – each customer stood in queue 1 meter apart from the next and our hands were sanitized.

The virus travels from surface to surface through contact . Washing our hands with soap regularly kills the bacteria that build up to cause the virus. When I visited the shops sanitizers were out of stock. My mom and I resorted to making our own hand sanitizer, we found a recipe from Youtube. When your sanitizer runs out be sure to check out ways you can make your own, it really does come in handy.

It is difficult to tell if you have the virus or not because symptoms don’t show right away. The person you are in contact with could have the virus unaware, that way it spreads easily. Please don’t compromise your health.

Personal hygiene is very essential. It is important to socially distance ourselves, avoid crowded places, avoid being in physical contact with anyone. Know the symptoms of the virus, that way you can self isolate and get the medical attention you need. Let us avoid spreading and believing the myths that are raised about the virus. Read up on the virus so that you are more informed and share correct information.

Tips to combat COVID – 19

Social distancing

Wash your hands often

Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth

Practice respiratory hygiene

If you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early

Stay informed and follow advice given by your healthcare provider

Benefits of cutting sugar from your diet

In this 21 days I have taken it upon myself to try something new to help me keep fit. I decided to exercise a bit, at around 17H00 daily. I’m on day 6 now. The first few days my legs were numb after exercising. I hope I keep up this habit of exercising and actually turn it into a hobby. I’d like to be more consistent with the exercise. My body will thank me for this.

What new hobby have you learned in this time of self-isolation? Something to improve your mental, physical and even emotional well-being.

Let us take this time to better ourselves, to love ourselves more and to work on ourselves daily.

Just a young lady with big dreams. Love all things ART - writing, photography, painting, conversations and wine


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