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Review: Sana Organics Products – Self-care Emporium

My second favourite thing to do after writing my blog posts is to practice self-care. I’m a huge fan of trying new things to improve my skin, mental health and body. Self-care is of utmost importance as it serves as a form of healing for your body, mind and /or spirit.

What better way to practice self-care then using raw organic products?

I received products from a local brand @sanaorganicsonline on Instagram to review. They arrived at a perfect time. The festive season gets really crazy and the body ends up in lots of pain and bruises. I put the products to the test at the peak of the festive season.

In my package from @sanaorganicsonline, I received the following:

1. Yoni steaming herbs:
help with stress, depression, PMS and period pains

Yoni steaming herbs

2.A sandalwood massage candle

helps sooth irritation

lifts your mood

Ingredients: sandalwood

Sandalwood massage candle

3. Facial steaming herbs
Promotes circulation
Releases acne-causing bacteria and cells
Releases trapped sebum
Helps your skin better absorb skincare products
Promotes collagen and elastin
Helps with sinus congestion
Affordable and accessible


Calendula, Chamomile, Witch Hazel, Rosemary, Lavender, Rose Petals

Trying out the facial steaming herbs

When I received the candle, I thought it was just an ordinary scented candle not knowing that the ingredients had healing powers. No lies, it is that good. It smells sort of peppermint, menthol. Using the candle is very easy. All you have to do is light it up until you get enough liquid wax and switch it off when you are about to apply. Application of this liquid wax is like any ordinary body lotion the trick with this one is you apply it where you are feeling tense or pain and rub it in gently. The pain instantly goes away after application. The oil doesn’t burn when you apply it, you only get a sensational tingly feeling. Also, make sure you keep it far from your eyes and face the menthol is really strong. If you are a fan of massage oils, you will love this one.

Sandalwood massage candle

The facial steaming herbs are one of a kind. My first attempt trying them out I had set a 15 minutes timer and honestly speaking 10 minutes was more than enough for steaming. Within the 10 minutes of steaming, I could literally feel the sweat drip down my skin. The herbs are really strong, after my steaming, I felt as though my bile was coming all the way up to my mouth, I could taste the bitterness in my throat. One thing I can assure you is that these steaming herbs do indeed take out all the toxins from your facial skin. A few days later after the steaming, I used a facial brush to exfoliate my face and there was zero to none excess oil on my brush the brush was clean.

facial steaming herbs

Finally tried yoni steaming. I was a bit nervous at first, I had a lot of doubts I went through some testimonials on the internet and I read that with some ladies their fibroids came out, some were connecting more to themselves on a spiritual level and some the herbs helped them with their sex drive. It took me two successful tries to finally write down this review. Two because my first try I was busy taking pictures of the product and I only read the directions after pouring the water into the bowl forgetting that my water is getting cold. I used to have terrible period pains for about 3/4 days during my periods and I would use pain killers and a hot water bottle to numb the pain. Listen I don’t use those pills anymore.

Yoni steaming herbs

I am all for organic products and I would recommend these products from @sanaorganicsonline. The products do as they promise, they are a good investment definitely a favourite for self-care days.

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