Review: Mamoa Skin Care Products

Earlier this year, I was gifted some products from Mamoa Skin Care, they are a South African brand. Mamoa Skincare products are developed with natural ingredients which are effective and safe. They were kind enough to send me four of their products one being a new product they were working on.

Their Instagram account is: @mamoa_skin_care

What I was gifted:

Activated Charcoal and tea tree soap

Lemon infused shower steamers

3 in 1 salt body scrub and

Stretch marks and moisturising cream

Activated Charcoal and tea tree soap

I am a huge fan of charcoal soap because of its versatility it can be used on the skin and also on the hair as a shampoo. My experience using the soap was quite good, I had a mini breakout in the beginning as I was using the soap daily. Until I started using it a few times in a week that’s when the breakout became minimal. It helped me control some of the excess facial oil, especially in my tzone area. I wouldn’t recommend that you use it every day though as it tears all the oils from your skin maybe use 3 times a week if you have extremely oily skin and use once a week if you have dry skin. I used it during the summer and it helped me control my shiny face.

Lemon infused shower steamers

First time using shower steamers and I am really impressed. Shower steamers are similar to bath bombs the only difference is they are used in the shower. They smell very great and they leave the bathroom smelling pretty amazing too. My first impression I was really looking forward to seeing steam come from them lol only to realize that once they are splashed with water they are activated and the scent fills the room. They make a fizzing sound and they are easily activated. A shower steamer is made using essential oils and has the same effect as they dissolve in your shower. The scent is not too strong.

3 in 1 salt body scrub

This product is my favourite of all the products I was gifted. It leaves the skin smelling amazing for 2 days if not more and the bathroom smelling like a candy shop. I love the consistency in the product! You can easily apply it onto your skin and rub it across your body and you will be amazed at how much the product easily dissolves into your skin. This is an excellent product because it causes minimal to zero damage onto the skin and hardly tears the skin. I love how quickly it dissolves after thoroughly rubbing it in. This is one of the best body scrubs ever made. Used to remove dead cells from the surface of the skin and stimulates the blood and lymph circulation in the area that has to be treated. Exfoliation stimulates the flow of blood to the surface of the skin and the products applied to the skin after exfoliation is easily absorbed in the dermal layers.

Stretch marks and moisturising cream

I am really not a huge fan of stretch marks creams as I don’t really fuss about how my stretch marks look. This product, however, I love the consistency, it moisturizes the skin very well and it smells amazing too. It is made from Kalahari melon and it is very oily. It has helped my stretch marks look lighter and smoother.

For more information on their products visit

Natural products have taken over in both the beauty and food sector. I love them because they are locally sourced and smell amazing. Let’s not forget how healthy they are for our bodies.

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