What I learnt in University

University is a whole different experience . It teaches you so much about your self, how to cope with stress and so many other challenges life throws at you. In short, it teaches you survival.

Attending university is not only about turning up to classes, submitting assignments before submission time, studying and passing modules. Though it may feel like you’re only checking boxes for your lectures, you’re actually picking up valuable lessons that will prepare you for your future.

These are the top 5 things varsity taught me:

Planning is important

Having a timetable to get things done improves your productivity. It helps you plan out every tiny detail of your life. Putting time allocation to every module and every other activity helps you value your time more. Knowing how much time you put into a project or your studying helps you better your time management. I have this thing of always writing down what I need to do each month, I break it down to weeks. In a particular week I have this and that to complete and I try to make sure that I get it done on time so that I have enough time for next weeks goals.

This helped me to plan out my days, from my morning exercise, lunch, 3 p.m prayer, supper and my 12 a.m prayer I make sure I get a lot done between those activities. Basically having a set routine in motion makes life a lot easier.

Taking time out is necessary

Self-care is not only about face masks, chilling and drinking your wine. There is a lot of inner work too. I like calling it taking a break from the grid, a few days maybe a week doing some self-introspection. Be about your thoughts, cry it out, rest, reset, reboot. Instead of always studying, always doing something school-related and always thinking about school take a break to refresh and regroup. University work and the stress that comes with it is a lot and if you don’t take necessary breaks in between to remind yourself of the hard work and effort you put in, you will always feel overwhelmed.


Here you learn how to properly care for yourself. Saving, time allocation, your meals basically your livelihood.

You learn to do some things on your own. I remember my first year, I moved to a different city, away from home, family and friends. 3 hours away from home ,30-45 minutes away from relatives, living with a complete stranger. I have never done this before. Now you are buying your own groceries and toiletries with your pocket money instead of just adding them to the grocery list at home. It teaches you how to spend your money wisely, how to be responsible for your life. Now, you are juggling schoolwork and social life with no one to remind you it’s time to study. You have to find your balance. You are fending for your own life now.

Being different is good

The easiest thing to do is to say nothing, agree with everyone and keep out of people’s hair. Thing is, not much good comes out of being quiet, you can not afford to be the anonymous sheep in the flock. You learn to take a stand in what you believe in. University is an excellent opportunity to ask questions, be creative and try new things. You learn that once you take a stance and dare to be different, or simply dare to be yourself, your actions will have a purpose and you live life on your own terms . This teaches you to have a voice, to have courage, to take charge in your life.

Surround yourself with goodness

We spend half our lives in bed, so it’s pretty damn important to have a good one! Where you sleep, hang out and cook will have a big impact on your productivity, friendships, happiness and overall wellbeing. Improve your surroundings, and you might see an improvement in yourself too. Energies don’t lie. Connecting with the right people is important these are your future business associates, better yet investors into your dream. Make sure that you connect with people that are good for your mental health and for your future self.

There is so much I would like to add to my list, but those are the ultimate highlights. University teaches you to stand on your own. Trust yourself and your abilities – you’ve made it this far and it’s actually only the beginning.

Just a young lady with big dreams. Love all things ART - writing, photography, painting, conversations and wine


  • Thembani Kofi

    I couldn’t have read a better blog about how hard it actually is to survive the university life ..

    For me that’ has been the most difficult time of my life but as you said . Self introspection really matters , I keep going because I know what I want and I won’t give up yet .

    Thank you for this !!

  • Nunu

    Hi Raki,

    Yoh, I always procastinate… All the time. But after reading your blog, i’m definitely going to try change my ways of doings things.


  • Nons Mshengu

    I absolutely love the fact that I’ve come across another South African blog (subscribed 😊) ! This is very true, I think the idea of going to uni is very glamorized and very few people speak about how difficult it actually is to not only survive but to make it a positive and meaningful experience for you, aside from walking away with a degree !

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