The importance of detangling your 4c natural hair

Detangling is a delicate step in your wash day routine. You can’t fully say you are complete with your wash day without detangling your hair. I know it’s a process – time-consuming and exhausting to say the least. The whole arm stretch is tiring. 

Clicks Afri True Naturals Conditioner and A Detangling Brush

Detangling helps to remove tangles and shed hairs that can cause matting, knots, and ultimately, breakage. Detangling an also help with washing the hair, styling the hair, and distributing products throughout the hair.

Many naturals have hair growth goals but are struggling with retaining length. Learning to properly detangle natural hair will ensure that you are not just breaking it off. It will also help with overall healthy hair care, as improper detangling can result in split ends and damaged cuticles.

Tips on how to detangling your hair

  • Wet and condition hair
  • Detangle in sections
  • Use a wide-tooth comb or a brush
  • Start from ends to roots
  • Try detangling with your fingers first before using a brush

Try wetting your hair thoroughly, then apply a generous amount of a conditioner to your hair. Make sure the conditioner is slippery. When the hair is damp and lots of conditioner is applied, it is in a very easy to work through. Just be sure to be very gentle with your hair, as wet hair is very weak and can break easily.

I separate my hair into 4 sections. Detangling your hair in sections can make life so much easier. Focusing on one section at a time is much less stressful than trying to detangle your whole head at once, and it ensures that you’re getting all of the parts of your hair. Detangling in sections also enables you to separate the hair you’ve already detangled from the hair that still needs to be detangled. I use ribbons to section my hair. It is advisable to use satan ribbons. 

Combs and brushes are great for detangling, but some combs and brushes are better than others. I recommend using a wide-tooth comb or a brush with hard, wide bristles and a rubber base. Combs with tiny teeth are not as easy to detangle with.

Don’t begin detangling from the middle of the root of your hair! You can’t detangle downward from the middle of the ends below it is tangled. Instead, begin detangling from the ends of the hair. Hold the ends of your hair with one hand and detangle with the other hand. Once the very end is detangled, begin detangling the rest of the hair.

Finger detangling is using your fingers as a comb and separating strands of hair. Detangling with your fingers before using a brush or a comb can be great because you can feel major knots and tangles with your fingers and pull them apart gently. 

I made a detailed video on how to detangle on my IGTV watch it here:

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