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Naturally Africa Product Review -All You Need to Know

This review is long overdue. Naturally Africa is the first natural hair brand to ever send me a PR package. I was excited when they first emailed me asking about my hair concerns and which of their products I’d love to try. I received the products in November 2020 so believe me, I’ve been using the products thoroughly and I’ll tell you everything you need to know about the products they sent me.

The products I received from Naturally Africa

I received the detangling spray, a cleansing conditioner and a leave-in conditioner in my PR package.

Naturally Africa is a cruelty-free brand with vegan-friendly formulations and does not contain petrochemicals, parabens, sulfates and phthalates. I’m hear for the clean beauty.

Here’s a link to the Naturally Africa website if you want to read more about it or want to make a purchase :

Leave in conditioner

The leave-in conditioner is my favourite of the 3 products I received. I love how lightweight it is, it keeps my hair well moisturized and hydrated. I can get away with applying it everyday and my hair not being overly greasy or tacky from all the product build-up. This leave-in conditioner is the perfect addition to my natural hair routine. I mix it with my water in my spray bottle and this is a winning combination because I use it daily, both in my morning routine and for nights I do my night time hair routine.

Detangling spray

My second favourite item from the PR package is the detangling spray. I’m sure by now you have noticed that non-greasy products, but supper effective are my favourite. This detangler is the perfect combination for a great detangling session.

From the packaging to the formula to how good it smells, it’s an amazing product. Love how I can easily spray it over my damp hair and it quickly loosens up the knots, I don’t know how to explain it but it’s as if it melts those knots into the hair lol. It makes detangling so much easier. I usually take about 3 hours max washing my hair, conditioning, detangling and styling this product makes my wash day routine shorter by a good 30 minutes if not more. You have to invest in this product so you can see for yourself what I mean. I have never tried a detangling spray before I have always detangled my hair during my conditioning process. Believe me when I say I am WOW’ed!

Naturally Africa Detangling spray

Cleansing conditioner

The cleansing conditioner I honestly don’t think this conditioner was made for my thick 4c hair. It’s runny and honestly doesn’t show much of a difference after use. Honestly it doesn’t sit on my hair whether overly wet or damp it just doesn’t do it for my hair. I have made an effort to use it without using a shampoo and it kinda worked kinda didn’t.

In all honesty, I’ll give this range a 7/10 for the packaging, how good the products smell and how some of the product exceeded my expectations. I love how the Naturally Africa range is made from South Africa which shows that they had South African naturals in mind when making the products.

Here’s a link to my unboxing video :

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