Healing journey: Forgiving yourself and where to begin?

I can’t be the only one who has done/ still is busy with some inner work. Holding myself accountable, setting boundaries and keeping a healthy distance from drama, situations and people that are not healthy for me. This healing journey is quite dreadful and secluded.

Apologize to your body that’s where the healing begins

Healing takes up so much of your energy. The journey of healing demands patience and practice coupled with endurance to face a few (maybe more) difficult moments that will leave you weak and wanting to quit.
While dealing with our struggles, we often distract ourselves by being sympathetic and helpful to others. But it’s always a good idea to emphasise with yourself and heal yourself.

So I decided to take the leap of faith and work on myself and man it’s been so difficult. On some days I’m completely fine and the next minute it’s back to square one this is triggered by thoughts or memories of things I let slide or things I’ve done. Some are not my proudest moments that is something I can assure you.

Where does one begin to forgive themselves? I know for me it’s been quite difficult. The focus of a healing journey is a physical and mental/emotional/spiritual shift that enables you to accept your circumstances and your view of yourself with compassion. The journey is about becoming present in your current experience. To live day by day and make choices in the present.

Self Love: How to Start Your Healing Journey

Self Love
Setting boundaries
Visualize Your Ideal Life.
Focus On Your Healing
Exercise to Keep Your Body and Mind Strong
Set the Intention to Only Allow Positivity in Daily
Stay Connected to Your Spirituality Through Prayer and Meditation.
Inspire Others to Be Their Best Selves.
Interrupt Negativity
Being kind to oneself

The journey is long and uncomfortable. I say this because you can’t just decide that today I am moving on forgetting about everything and anything that has happened. It is an executive decision to wake up and start on your healing and one day you will be surprised at how far you have come and how far you are on your journey. When you have completely healed you will know, you won’t feel a void of impressing people, negative talk and even self-sabotage. You will feel lighter, open and happier. Do not put yourself under the microscope to be done with your healing journey it will happen naturally.

Empowering yourself to choose every single day is how you harness the quality of your life. Showing up and consciously choosing YOURSELF!

I ask that you be kind to yourself if you are on this journey. I know there are days where you won’t want to get out of bed or even days where you wouldn’t feel like dealing with the world. Pray that on days you are feeling at your lowest you remember that you are amazing and you are doing your best.

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