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    Book Review: Capitalist Nigger

    Capitalist Nigger – The road to success: A spider web doctrine  Author: Chika Onyeani Capitalist : ‘A person who uses their wealth to invest in trade and industry for profit in accordance with the principles of capitalism.‘ Nigger: ‘The word nigger is a racial slur typically directed at black people.‘ This book is an open debate on the African race – our state of mind is throughly scrutinized and questioned. Capitalist Nigger is the most controversial book ever published. A lot of people will get offended from what is written in it and only a few will understand the importance of this book. The few who understand the book are…

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    23 facts about me: Birthday Special

    Today I’m celebrating my 23rd birthday. 23 years of GRACE! ❤️ I decided to make this post extra special that is why I will share with you guys my favorites – people,events and things that have mould my life. My favorites are things or people that have had a positive impact in my life. I hope you will be inspired by this post and have a better understanding of the young lady that I am today. 1. This might sound clichè, but my favorite person in the world is my MOM. She has always been supportive and is my cheerleader. From coloring competitions, art classes, my wanna be dress making…

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    Spring thrift store finds: Part 2

    It all started with a dream to have her own clothing line and today Flarè exists. With this fashion series we got to experience the ins and outs of Flarè – where the journey began, the long run objectives and of course how trendy thrift stores are. It is sad to announce that our Flarè fashion series has come to an end. This series was a great learning curve for us as we got to have first hand experience with thrift store finds. The quality of the clothes is absolutely worth it. The unique, trendy outfits are beautiful. A little insight on vintage clothing and how vintage is always in…

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    Spring thrift store finds 2018 : Part 1

    Spring is here and summer isn’t far behind. Spring is about fun, pop of color and sunny weather. The fashion side of this season is absolutely amazing as we get to witness amazing trends, styles and rich, bright colors. The dared season – the BOLD. This is a post sponsored by Flarè clothing brand. Here are some styles that I’m loving from their spring collection. In store they have a number of vintage shirts. The vintage t-shirts are available in all colors from your bright colors, to floral prints and neutrals. My favorite has to be the: Red button up flamed t-shirt. It is gorgeous! The collection also has denim…

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    Spring Flarè

    My favorite season is finally here! I love the bright colors,floral dresses and the amazing outfits that come with it. Less layers and more attention to detailed outfits , statement pieces and more legs.🌼 I’m really excited about this season because of the amazing hot weather, ice cream, pool side days, the photography and the daring outfits. Spring is in the air. Your spring style has to be always on point,that is why we found it fit to have an interview with the beautiful Miss Rebaone Teffo those who know her refer to her by “The Vintage Queen“ she is the brains behind Flarè clothing brand. Who is Reba? (She…

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    What’s in my BAG?

    My bag is my entire life. I carry all my essential belongings in it. I always have a bag on me whether it’s going to the mall, lunch dates and even for church. I believe handbags make a statement and complete an outfit. A handbag always compliments the look of the day. We can never have enough now can WE? As I mentioned earlier that my handbag is my life so I pretty much carry a lot of things in it, which each serve a different purpose. I’ve decided to share with you guys what I keep in my hand bag on a day to day basis. Make up bag:…

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    Exciting things to do this Recess

    Recess finally! I’m so excited to write this – more excited than I’ve been in a long time. But before we go there, I have to share something personal with you…I can attest that the exams were no fun at all. The level of studying I had to undergo at a short period of time (procrastination is a mood killer). Imagine going through the semesters work in less than three weeks, that’s a load full of work! Not forgetting procrastination and it gets worse by the day. I read somewhere that those who overcome procrastination become better than they were a day before,gradually their life turns out to be better,…

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    Last Friday of Jan 2018

    Wow January has been! January has been a whole year on its own. For me January was an emotional roller coaster, from being absolutely happy to crying endlessly for two consecutive days. From being on top of the world having everything under control to everything falling apart all at once. I was so confused about my life, my purpose for living still am, but I’ve decided to trust God and trust the journey! I’ve been trying to figure out what it is I want to achieve this year, well today, now. It all comes down to being my best self! Emotionally. Physically. Mentally. Wellbeing. Appearance. Relationships both romantic and otherwise.…

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