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    Uni survival tips 101

    With the academic year upon us, what better way than to prepare ourselves for it! Here’s a list of survival tips for university 1. Never mix your drinks 2. Make a medicine drawer in your room and stash painkillers, plasters, throat sweets, cough syrup it’ll come in handy 3. Store up all the sauces you get when buying take outs, these are helpful when you run out of cooking sauces 4. Study in advance 5. Prepare for your lectures and make sure you never fall behind on your work 6. Always buy second hand books, it saves you up a lot and no matter the condition of the textbook, the…

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    It all comes down to who’s really down for you when you need them most. Who would go over and beyond for you no matter what you are faced with. Who would still call you their friend at your lowest and who’d never turn their back against you. Friends who would sit down with you and address your wrong doings and above all who would inspire you to be your best self. As we grow older we come across many characters of “friends”. From friends who only vibe with you when the sun is shining bright on your side, but soon as things go wrong they are no where to…

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    Skincare from the comfort of your home

    Ever wanted to try out some skin care product, but finding the product being a little over your budget and you would pretty much have to break the bank to buy it, well no need to worry ’cause I got you covered! Heres a list of D.I.Y combinations you can use for your acne, pimples, dark marks and even for that glowing skin. All these mixtures can easily be found from using a few products from your home. 1.Yogurt makes a wonderful facial mask all by itself! The lactic acid softens and soothes the skin. You are adviced to use plain yogurt 2.A honey face mask is another soothing mask…

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