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    DIY: Makeup Brush Holder

    In today‚Äôs post, I am going to discuss a little project I did about a month ago. The title to this post is D.I.Y, but it really should be Repurposing a cup holder to a makeup brush holder. Yes! You read that right. I did exactly that. I turned a cup holder into a makeup brush holder and it turned out perfectly. What I used: Paper cup holder Decifix Pair of scissors Liquid glue Cover paper Pencil How: I measured the length of the cup holder against the cover paper Made my marking areas with a pencil Allowing enough coverage to the cup holder Cut the cover paper following my…

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    Vision board: your dream board

    This blog post was inspired by the 7-day self-care challenge I had posted specifically Day 7 of 7: the vision board 7-day self-care challenge: Day 7 of 7 it was a hit! I got so many responses and positive feedback on it. A vision board is a board that serves as an inspiration for the life you want. It is very practical because you put your goals on to paper and you also get the chance to look at them as often as you want. It is an opportunity to finally put your dreams onto paper. A vision board also serves as an inspiration to use the law of attraction…

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    Skincare from the comfort of your home

    Ever wanted to try out some skin care product, but finding the product being a little over your budget and you would pretty much have to break the bank to buy it, well no need to worry ’cause I got you covered! Heres a list of D.I.Y combinations you can use for your acne, pimples, dark marks and even for that glowing skin. All these mixtures can easily be found from using a few products from your home. 1.Yogurt makes a wonderful facial mask all by itself! The lactic acid softens and soothes the skin. You are adviced to use plain yogurt 2.A honey face mask is another soothing mask…

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