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    Hair Mayonnaise by Africa’s BEST : Product Review

    When I first bought the product two of my friends recommended it. One because it makes your hair super soft, two because it helps with breakage. Hair mayonnaise is a protein treatment.  I have been using this product for the past 6 months and it is honestly amazing on my hair. It leaves my hair soft, well moisturized and it has helped with my hair breakage. Instead of long strands falling off my hair every two minutes I touch my hair, now only small pieces of hair fall off once in a while.  Normally I apply it after conditioning my hair on wash day for about 10 minutes. I wear a plastic…

  • beauty

    Portia M : I used the products and I loved them. Product review

    After three months of using these amazing Portia Mproducts,I feel like it’s a wonderful time to reflect on them. When I started using the Portia M toner and face wash I had extremely dry skin, my face was uneven and had ring worms all over. Using the products I had a slight idea of their benefits, I had read some reviews from previous users and done thorough research on the products. My skin gets really dry when season changes. When I started using these products, I was really tired of changing my skin routine every few months because of how badly my skin reacted to the products after a while.…

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