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    Exam preparation : tips and traits

    The year has really gone by very fast. We are already writing our mid-year exams. Time does fly! I’ve managed to compile a list of exam preparation tips : the Do’s and Don’ts before an exam, how to study effectively, note making and of course how to keep yourself calm. Exam Do’s and Don’ts Do’s Make readable and easy flowing notes Use different colours to remember your work Draw up a study timetable Have enough sleep before the exam Take enough breaks during your study sessions Don’ts Avoid studying at last minute( nothing works out when you work under a lot of pressure) Never overwork yourself, take enough breaks Never…

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    Uni survival tips 101

    With the academic year upon us, what better way than to prepare ourselves for it! Here’s a list of survival tips for university 1. Never mix your drinks 2. Make a medicine drawer in your room and stash painkillers, plasters, throat sweets, cough syrup it’ll come in handy 3. Store up all the sauces you get when buying take outs, these are helpful when you run out of cooking sauces 4. Study in advance 5. Prepare for your lectures and make sure you never fall behind on your work 6. Always buy second hand books, it saves you up a lot and no matter the condition of the textbook, the…

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